Assured fees
every month

plus no fee collection headache

Full fees on 1st of every month | Tension free collection | Fee Insurance

Full fees on 1st of every month
Tension free collection
Fee Insurance

Assured fees

Are you not getting the fee payments on time?

NuShala solves this through an assured transfer of your monthly fees on the 1st of every month, all year round.

Tension free

We do end-to-end collection of fees from parents.

School's support is only required when the parents have not been paying for more than 2 months. (Less than 5-7% cases)


NuShala will pay fees for all the active students in the schools whether they pay us or not till the end of session.

This way, school administration can focus on what they do best - TEACH.

You get best in class technology partner

School App

Parent App

We have strong partners backing us

We are growing

We started NuShala to fill the gap in fee collection of private schools.

Our team quickly realised that the solution would not come just from software solutions and require a deeper partnership with schools. This resulted in the creation of our Fee surety solution.

In the past 8 months, we have created a seamless product for schools in partnership with the leading financial institutions in India to solve the working capital issues of schools for good.

The Journey

1. Data Transition

To start with, we transfer the data of school from their register/ERP to the NuShala platform.

This can take between 3 to 15 days depending on data management standard.

2. Report Generation

A detailed report is created for the school owner to understand the state of their schools.

This helps is taking a decision whether NuShala fits for the school or not.

4. NuShala awareness

School is required to make parents aware about the NuShala app and help us make the transition smoother.

We provide branding support in this regard.

3. Documentation & KYC

A detailed document is required to move ahead in the journey and finalise the agreements.

This can take upto 3 days.

5. Fee Transfer

School starts receiving a monthly payout in their account every month on an agreed upon date to manage their expenses and growth.​

Everything you

need to know

The fees is transferred in full to school (after deducting our service commission) on the 3rd of every month.

Yes. NuShala assures fee payment for all the active students in the school. If any parent is not paying, we ask for support from the school after our collection process.
If the parent still does not pay, the fee payment is assured by us for the session.

The service fee is charged to the school on the basis of their annual turnover. (between 6% to 8%)

NuShala is responsible for fee collection. We assign tele-caller and a field agent for the school to handle collections.

We use a strategic collection method wherein there are 4 gradual steps:
– Reminder messages
– Reminder calls
– Physical notices
– Home visits

We are partnering with schools in Delhi NCR

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